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Presented by Joe Lewis’ Master Blackbelts

Sponsor a day camp or a shorter seminar: His master instructors and professional trainers conduct hands-on training sessions that are both unique and focused – perfect for all of your serious martial arts students and valuable for your school.


  • Earn money
  • Provide a unique learning experience
  • Motivate your students
  • Generate publicity for your school
  • Joe Lewis won more titles, set more records and instituted more innovations than anyone in the history of sport karate.
  • Joe has been inducted in 15 Halls of Fame to include the Black Belt Hall of Fame as the “Fighter of the Year” and “Instructor of the Year”.
  • In a Karate Illustrated survey, Joe was chosen by his peers as “The Greatest Karate Fighter of all Time”.
  • American Karate magazine called Joe a “Living Legend”.

The Opportunity

Perfect Training Sessions for all Instructors and Students

His master instructors and professional trainers will personally JLSeminar5present a full-day, hands-on, morning and afternoon program covering material tailored to your participants. Choose from any of the “Five Pillars” of the nationally acclaimed Joe Lewis 40 Universal Fighting Tactics as your clinic topic. (Alternately, consider a smaller seminar focused on just one or two of the tactics.) Participants will receive important instructional tips, increase their knowledge, learn more effective fighting techniques and understand concrete reasons why specific techniques are used. A Certificate of Completion is presented at the end of each Clinic for the specific “Pillar” completed. When they finish all five Pillars, participants will receive a course certification for the Joe Lewis Fighting System.

Promotional Support

No need to go it alone.

The Joe Lewis organization will provide you with promotional materials (e.g., direct mail, email, phone scripts) to attract a wide range of attendees and a proven promotional process you may choose to follow to attract the maximum number of students. Use it, modify it, and promote it however you want. You have total control of the promotion of the Clinic.

Camp Format

The 5 Pillars of the Joe Lewis 40 Universal Fighting Tactics

Choose the topics for your camp. Full day camps can cover one of the below entire pillars of the Joe Lewis Fighting System. Alternately, smaller seminars can be constructed around individual topics:

Ring Generalship

Don’t rush your closing kick Keep your JLSeminar5back to the center of the ring

  • Don’t be a head hunter
  • Do not fight upright with a taller opponent
  • Keep composure and focus when tired or hurt
  • Fight with head, not hands and feet
  • Avoid freezing up in the ring
  • Don’t let ego over ride strategy
  • Keep opponent from getting set
  • Don’t underestimate your opponent
  • Learn to fight while backing up

Aggressive Defensive Tactics


  • Use fakes against a south paw or hard kicker
  • Don’t stand in front of an aggressive opponent
  • Counter after body rolls or head weaves
  • Use shoulder and hip roll defense
  • Move head and carry hands up
  • Don’t be forced into a defensive position

Bridging the Gap


  • Don’t counter when you should lead
  • Step in when you punch
  • Keep your feet under your punches
  • Use fakes against advanced or equal opponents
  • Use an educated jab
  • Move head when attacking
  • Fire by reflex and not reaction
  • Beat your opponent to the draw
  • Don’t lead with power or counter strikes

Dominating the Pocket


  • Don’t stand square to the opponent
  • Turn the opponent when in the pocket
  • Step with taller opponents when they step from a clinch
  • Don’t cover up or stop inside pocket after attack
  • Use body punching
  • Rotate hips and shoulders through strikes
  • Don’t fire when off balance
  • Fire through your target

Mastering Specialized Maneuvers


  • Don’t slug with a slugger
  • Don’t freeze in the clinch
  • Mix up speed and power when attacking
  • Develop total conviction on one key move
  • Don’t get cute and forget fundamentals
  • Turn the momentum when the pressure is on

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