The mid year Northeast USA conference was a Blast!

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MidYear Northeast Conference was a blast.

The Joe Lewis Fighting System mid year conference is over and everyone is driving back home now. Most are pondering the multitude of techniques and training tips the the 5 instructors gave. Saturdays schedule started of with Tom Updegrove followed by Phil Maldonato then Dennis Nackord, Walt Lysac and Bob Mauro.
Tom introduced some of the new Lethwei techniques that Joe Lewis and Dr Gyi intended for the fighting system. Lethwei is Burmese 9 weapon bare knuckle kick boxing and Tom served knee and elbow sandwiches for breakfast.
Phil worked on everyones entry moves and then how to change angles like a Matador. His point was that you don’t have to follow up with the same move everytime you enter the pocket, vary and keep changing up your tactics.
Dennis Nackord gave an extended discourse on fighting strategy for both sport and combat. His understanding of Motion Science as he calls it, is sytematic, strategic and full of practical wisdom gained from his over 50 years in the Martial Arts.
Of course Walt Lysack stole the show with an powerful demonstration on how the Joe Lewis method integrates into grappling. You havent experienced grappling until Walt puts a thumb in just the right spot and your whole body goes into a spasm. Fun fun fun.
Bob Mauro wrapped Sataurday up with his patterned “Weebal Wobble” slipping & ducking lesson. He esplained in detail how the body should move as a unit and stay out of harms way and yet still be in postion to counter punch. Next he worked on the jab, starting of with a quote from Joe Lewis “If you can’t jab, you can’t fight”. With the help of Bob everyone had a sharper more accurate jab by the end of the class.
Afterwards everyone went to a Dave & Busters for a buffet, we played shuffleboard, pool and watched the Chavez fight on he big screens. The food was pretty awsome too.
Sunday, Walt was back with advice on how to use the rear naked choke more effectively and counter defenses with dirty little tricks like knuckle rubbing the temple and thumbs in extremely painfull places. Both Phil and Bob expanded on the theories and tactics of their Saturday class. Although Sundays group was smaller the whole event ended on a really high note with many saying they wanted a repeat at the annual conference.

2017 Northeast Midyear JLFS Conference

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Date May 6th and 7th, 2017
Saturday and Sunday

Hosted by Tom Updegrove

Martial Posture School
2100 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pa  19103

JLFS Northeast Mid Year Training Conference,
Kickboxing, Boxing, Bando, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai
Rank evaluations
Private & Semi Private Lessons
Contact JLFS 631-271-5425,

GM Dennis Nackord
Master Phil Maldonato
Master Tom UpDegrove
Master Bob Mauro
Master Walt Lysak

“All styles and ranks are welcome.”

2 days of training at a very affordable price – 1 Day $99.00 or 2 Days $135.00

Saturday 9am – 8:30pm

Sunday 9am – 1:30pm

JLFS Philadelphia Seminar – Sunday 5/22/2016

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Tom Updegrove, Phil Maldonato and Bob Mauro are teaching again at the Martial Posture Studio Sunday May 22nd, 2016. Expect to pick up more advance kick boxing techniques as well as better technical understanding of the finesse techniques that make the system so awesome. Set Point and Timing. Contact Tom Updegrove at to register. $40 for the day.

3/19/2016 Philly/NJ Seminar Recap

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There was a great showing of support for the JLFS seminar at the Turnersville, NJ UFC Gym. Put together by Phil Maldonato, Tom Updegrove and Bob Mauro. Bob taught body mechanics with rolling and weight-shifting for evasion and countering. Sensei Maldonato gave one of his workout intensive which pushed everyone’s physical and mental conditioning. We got a lot of sparring in and everyone got a fighters assessment. Updegrove went old school and re-introduced the 5 Angles of Attack and some of the Joe Lewis Technical Principles like; set point, initial move, time commitment (see the attachments). Thanks to everyone who came out and made such a great event.


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Mark your calendar for the Joe Lewis 17th Annual Black Belt Conference.

The location is the same beautiful ocean front Springmaid Beach Resort in

Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Make your reservations as soon as possible.

Call the Springmaid Beach Resort at 800-7700-6895 use the code for the

Joe Lewis Kickboxing code 10E2P3

Sensei Phil’s Message

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Dear Members

JLFS Alive and Strong, JLFS continues to conduct seminars throughout the states, with a strong Show of support Master John Graham, of Mobile Alabama promoted a JLFS/Superfoot seminar weekend with 60 participants training Thursday thru Sunday, JLFS also tested and promoted two sponsored black belts, congrats on a good showing. With the continued growth of JLFS we now have interested schools in Phoenix AZ, Master Graham will conducting seminars in AZ to help instructors hone their skills with JLFS curriculum. We continue to gain support from schools interested in joining, learning and teaching the system that Mr. Lewis developed over the past 50 plus years as a Black Belt, WE WILL CONTINUE TO MAINTAIN HIS LEGACY !!!


Happy 2015 from the JLFS

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Wishing everyone in the JLFS family a wonderful, prosperous and inspiration New Year. Know that there are many great experiences to come this new year.  Vis Sapientia Sprititus

Hannah “The Warrior Princess”

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Hannah receiving her Superfoot Black Belt certificate, with Mayor Paul Bell and "Superfoot" Bill Wallace

Hannah receiving her Superfoot Black Belt certificate,
with Mayor Paul Bell and “Superfoot” Bill Wallace

If you are on facebook, we encourage you to visit and “like” the following page – Hannah “The Warrior Princess”. Hannah Donnelly is a dear friend Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and a martial artist based in Drogheda, Ireland. She has apert syndrome, a condition which causes her bones to be fused together. She spends a significant part of each day in pain and visits the hospital frequently.

Despite her challenges, no one loves life more than Hannah “The Warrior Princess”. Hannah posts daily updates of her many adventures, which recently included a week-long visit from “Superfoot” himself, her receiving a Civic Award from the mayor of her hometown, Paul Bell, her martial arts training, and visits with her doctors. Hannah also tirelessly works to support the needy children of her community, often visiting them in the hospital and organizing toy drives to lift their spirits.

Superfoot and Hannah stretching; the streches help Hannah minimize the pain caused by the apert syndrome

Superfoot and Hannah stretching; the streches help
Hannah minimize the pain caused by the apert syndrome

On March 29th, Hannah was awarded her 1st Degree Black Belt in the Superfoot System by Bill “Superfoot” Wallace. Those of us who hold rank from Mr. Wallace can’t think of a more deserving warrior to hold such a prestigious rank, and we are proud to know that Hannah Donnelly is our sister black belt in the Superfoot System!

There are many young women who are “facebook famous” these days and, oftentimes, for all the wrong reasons. Please help us make Hannah, a young woman with a very positive message, even more “famous”. She is proof positive that this sport we love so dearly is entirely about HEART. Hannah is a martial arts hero and an inspiration to us all!

Joe Lewis: Greatness Prevails

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This is a 32 page document that will be put into color print and made available at seminars and events for $20.

It’s an excellent story and one that Joe wanted written after he died, and we’re making it available to Members for free.


Click Here to Download Joe Lewis: Greatness Prevails by Rob Colasanti

Willingness to Engage Effectively

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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” ~ Bruce Lee

In an effort to advance The Joe Lewis Fighting Systems, I would like to look at it from an outside point of view. The JLFS is not a style of fighting, as styles have strict guidelines and do not change.  The JLFS is at its core a system of fighting, Master Lewis took techniques, theories, ideas and lessons from all of the different instructors he had as well as any person he thought he could learn from to better himself as a person and martial artist.  In doing this he gave the world insight and knowledge that took a lifetime to learn.  This insight and knowledge is known in the martial arts community as The Joe Lewis Fighting Systems.  In creating The JLFS he has brought together an incredible brotherhood of martial artist from all different styles, each with their own influence on the system.

As The JLFS moves forward into the future, the opportunities to spread this knowledge are endless.  While this system could be a standalone foundation for a school, the idea that all styles have something to offer leads me to believe that The JLFS would be better suited as a system to incorporate into your school.  Most believe that earning a black belt is not the end, but the beginning to a lifetime of studying.  In order to encourage school owners to want to implement this as part of their school, a foundation and set of standards needs to established.  This under belt system should have a foundation in “American Kickboxing”, as Master Lewis is considered the father of the style.  It also needs to incorporate the techniques of the Superfoot system, along with techniques of grappling and ground fighting to further broaden the spectrum of knowledge.  Since the majority of martial art schools in the country are based on a traditional style, the techniques are similar yet very different.  The foundation of the under belt system should start with the basic elements of American Kickboxing and as one gains rank in the under belt system they should begin to be introduced to new techniques.  Also, as one gains rank they should begin understand the concepts of how and when to use the techniques and learn new variations and approaches to the techniques.  The basics themselves are very complex for someone who has never done them before or for someone who has not done them with the intent and knowledge of how to use them in a combative environment. NO BATTLE PLAN SURVIVES CONTACT WITH THE ENEMY.

One would not go to a successful company and try to convince them to take on something new if it meant they had to overhaul or abandon what they already do very well.  Nor would one try to convince them to implement something where the standards they have to meet are “all or none”.  Just as a 1st degree black belt and a master rank black belt, both wear a the same belt but have many differences in knowledge due to time and experience, The JLFS is a system that one could easily dedicate their entire life to and still have more to learn in the end.  Other “systems” fit well into traditional schools because they are also based off of a similar traditional platform, there is some change from the traditional art the schools already teach but they are minimal in order to fit into the “system”.  The JLFS is a system with substantial differences in platform because at its core it is about engaging and being combative, even the basics have a much different use, feel, approach and technique than traditional martial arts.

So, now you give a successful, motivated and smart business owner (instructor/fighter) a system that can be used to build their customer base or skill set by introducing something that does not change or take way from what they already do, but builds a new set of skills with basics that work in any confrontational situation and can become very advanced overtime with hard work and perfect practice, and they will likely embrace it.  This approach is a much more appealing system than one that overhauls or tries to replace their current and successful business or style.  The greatness of The JLFS could be lost if it is over complicated or if the quality is overshadowed by the quantity. As Bruce Lee said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Again the basics are complicated when under fire.  So, why over complicate the already complicated.

A system is a system; it is updated, changed and modified.  The under belt system should be a platform to teach the core principals of The JLFS.  With all platforms many add-ons can be made, but when stripped down they are still the same.  The JLFS black belt manual is the bible of this system, this is a platform based off Master Lewis’s personal experiences in combative situations, with core principles of basics and willingness to engage.

The phone has only 10 numbers, but you can call anywhere in the world… simplicity at its finest, yet unlimited at the same time. MY brother Danny Dring speaks the truth in saying (the way to teach someone nothing is to teach them too much)                                                                                                                   

Right now, somewhere, there is a young soldier standing a post with an M4 in his or her hands protecting his friends by any means necessary, basic at its core with principle, and willing to give their life to do so. Think of them on this Holliday and just say thank you SOLDIER.


John Maynard, son of a soldier.