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Senior Executive Board Members Dr. Roger Greene
Tom Updegrove
Senior Most JLFS Master Dr. Roger Greene
Legacy Members Kristina Lewis and Cameron Lewis
President Phil Maldonato –
Vice President John Maynard –
Sergeant at Arms John “Russell” Wright
Treasurer Jack Whitley –
Executive Secretary/Coordinator  Bob Mauro –
Door Keeper Denis Campo, John “Russel” Wright
(Controls entering to all JLFS meetings)
Advancement Administration
Conference Test Coordinators Danny Dring and Bob Mauro
Youth Development Craig Smith and Dennis Campo
(Develop training programs for youth)
Youth/Female Coordinators Mariea Snyder, Trish Koehler
(Develop training programs for Female / Youth)
Merchandise Director

(Distribution, Sales of JLFS Merchandise)

Jack Whitley

Call In Orders 910-319-7392


Organizational Development
Web Site Director/Web Master  Rick Alford
Web Host  Bluehost
Media Director Rob Colasanti and Dennis Campo
(Handles all publicity/public relations for JLFS)
Newsletter   Editor Dennis Campo
Membership   Director Bob Mauro –
(Grows & oversees JLFS solicitation of new members)
JLFS England George Fitzgerald
JLFS Canada Doug Klinger
JLFS   West Coast Steve Smith


Board Members: Roger Greene – Bill “Superfoot” Wallace – Tom Updegrove – Phil Maldonato – John Maynard – Steve Smith – Tom Fischer – Bob Mauro – John Graham – Danny Dring – Walt Lysak – Kevin Hudson


Senior Mentors
Dr. Maung Gyi Walter Anderson Grandmaster  Joe Hess
Grandmaster Bill “Superfoot” Wallace Dr. Nathaniel Branden


Combative Administration
LEO Adviser
(Law Enforcement)
Al   Whitney
Technical adviser for Defensive Tactics for all LEO (Law Enforcement).
Military Program Development Harold Smith
National Training Director
JLFS Standards
Phil Maldonato
Kicking Director Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
Kickboxing Director Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
Grappling and Ground Fighting Directors Danny Dring & Walt Lysak
Reality Based Training Advisers
Walt   Lysak
Charlie Lysak
Richard Ryan
Edged Weapons Director Richard Ryan
Ring Generals Trey Wyatt
Eric Chester
Jack Whitley
Martin Huff
Jeff Troshane
Walt Lysak
Russell Wright
Will assist the testing coordinator, Danny Dring, with operation of fighting rings during all exams.